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Jennifer, from the "2016 Ask the Expert videos

2016 Ask the Expert Videos are out!

Be sure to check out all our "2016 Ask the Expert Series" videos.…
Jennifer, from the "2016 Ask the Expert videos

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Ask the Expert Video Series

See our “Ask the Expert” media page for links to all of our “Ask the Expert” videos.

Introductory Video (01:12) to Series 2:

House of Charity’s “Client Advocate Director”  introduces us to Jennifer. 

“Ask the Expert” Series 2, Video 1 (04:48):

Jennifer tells us  how she filled the hours of the day while experiencing #homelessness.

“Ask the Expert” Series 2, Video 2 (04:49):

Jennifer candidly discusses her experiences about the realities of #homelessness.

“Ask the Expert” Series 2, Video 3 (05:57):

We ask Jennifer how House of Charity has been of assistance during her journey.

“Ask the Expert” Series 2, Video 4 (03:37):

We ask Jennifer about her hardest day experiencing homelessness.

“Ask the Expert” Series 1, Video 1 (03:38):

In the first of five videos we learn how Terry, our expert, occupied his time during the day.

“Ask the Expert” Series 1, Video 2 (03:47):

Terry suggests how to act when encountering someone who is experiencing homelessness;
he also gives a brief glimpse into his methods of dealing with memories from the past.

“Ask the Expert” Series 1, Video 3 (03:53):

At the midpoint of the series, video three Terry answers how he has dealt with Minnesota winters; also, what he does in the summer with the clothing which kept him warm during the winter.

“Ask the Experts” Series 1, Video 4 (03:17):

The fourth video in “Ask the Expert” Series, Terry answers the question, “What tipped you over the edge to being homeless?”

“Ask the Expert” Series 1, Video 5 (01:55):

For the fifth video in “Ask the Expert” Series, Terry answers the question, “What was your hardest day?”

Press Kit

For House of Charity’s media/press kit, please contact Lesley A. Chester, Chief Advancement Officer, at 612-594-2003 or email