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Volunteers Making a Difference

A lot has changed in the year since the pandemic arrived in Minnesota. But one thing has not; the presence of Kate and Mary (pictured) in the Shelf of Hope food shelf at the House of Charity Food Centre. They spend hours every week tirelessly organizing supplies, packing bags of food and caring for our […]

Eric’s Story

A New Foundation // Eric’s Story “The virus has reduced a lot of the meetings around to nothing so it’s more difficult on addicted people currently.” The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone’s lives and made life in general more difficult. But our communities experiencing substance use disorders and homelessness are the hardest hit. One of […]

Park7 Is Finally Done!

In August of last year, our Park7 project began. We watched with excitement as the existing building was demolished and the building we had only dreamed about began to take shape. This year brought unforseen changes and challenges but we still finished construction and opened Park7. And it’s more beautiful than we could have imagined! […]

A Note from Deb on our Merger

House of Charity and St Stephen’s Human Services are excited to announce their merger in an effort to better serve our community members, who are unhoused and/or hungry, through the strength of a shared commitment and history of high quality, respectful and responsive service. This move aligns with the core missions of both organizations and […]

Because of Injustice: Louis’s Story

“You have to survive the rough to get where you want to be.” Louis has worked hard to overcome obstacles that seem almost insurmountable. But now, he owns a restaurant and is looking toward opening more. Four years ago, a series of events seemingly conspired to destroy Louis. First, his partner of eight years ended […]

Introducing Daryl, Food Centre Director

We are so excited to introduce Daryl to you! Daryl became our Food Centre Director at the end of last year and his enthusiasm and vision is already making a difference. Daryl has experienced homelessness and overcome addiction so he comes from a unique place of being able to connect with our diners. “I’ve been […]

Serving Our Community While Righting Disparities: A Note from Deb

Every day, we serve community members that are experiencing hunger and homelessness. The 2018 Wilder Homeless Study did not provide us with good news in our fight to end homelessness: we continue to see an increase in homelessness with the biggest increase being seen among adults over the age of 55. Many obstacles to maintaining […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson has been on our board since 1991 and we are so glad to feature his generous service to House of Charity. “My first visit to House of Charity was in 1990 through an invitation from Bruce Engelsma(CEO, Kraus-Anderson Companies). It included a tour of the Food Centre and the main housing facility with […]

Check out our construction progress!

We’ve made so much exciting progress on our Park7 construction project and we wanted to share a couple photos with you! Just a reminder that we will have an open house when the project is complete and you’re on the guest list! Keep your eyes out for an invite to that. We can’t wait to […]

How to be the best Advocate

Tips from staff to us be the best supporters and advocates Treat all people with dignity and respect. Remember that all of us are someone’s baby girl or boy and that the behaviors we display are not the result of poor choices or low moral character but rather the survival response to the environment that […]

Client Poem

Below is a poem written by one of our housing clients. They have dealt with more than their fair share of life’s hardships and still continue to move forward with zeal and purpose. Part of their journey is the safety that House of Charity has provided. We all know that a home and people to […]

In His Own Words: Wendell’s Story

Below is a story of recovery and success told by one of our clients. After living with us, Wendell found motivation and success. He’s now attending school to earn his masters degree. He volunteers here with us, both in the Food Centre and in our housing building giving haircuts to residents who need them. This […]

Volunteer Highlight: Clara

A few months ago, we had the chance to chat with Clara, a 7-year-old who is one of the most compassionate and generous people we’ve ever met. Her birthday party was in February and instead of asking for gifts, she requested that donations for House of Charity be brought. She and her guests also assembled […]

Look at our Progress!

On August 15th, demolition on the Finance and Commerce building started! We’ve watched with excitement as the building disappeared, the lot has been leveled and marking for the foundation of our Park7 building started. We can’t wait to watch the building go up and we want you on this journey with us. We take pictures […]

The Heart of the City Club

Since our beginning in 1953, we have had supporters who faithfully give every month, without hesitation, because they believe in the individuals House of Charity serves. It probably took us too long, but we have finally given that group of MVPs a name: the Heart of the City Club. We have always considered our programs […]

Important Upcoming events

We have two important events coming that we want you to be a part of. Read on below to get all the details and find out how you can get involved. The Walk to End Hunger This Thanksgiving, join us at the Mall of America to help end hunger in Minnesota. This is our second […]

My House of Charity Story: A Note from Deb

Deb joined House of Charity in December of 2018 as our new CEO/Executive Director. She came to us with years of experience working with the same communities we serve. In the short time she has been here, we have seen great changes and we’re looking forward to where she’ll guide our organization in the future. […]

Food Centre Security: Making Lunch Safer

Our hungry neighbors in Minneapolis walk through our Food Centre doors every day and expect to get out of the dangerous heat or cold and eat their meal in peace. They don’t expect fights. They don’t expect an intoxicated individual creating a dangerous situation. But sometimes that’s what they get. We’re changing that. For a […]

Time, The Most Valuable Tool to Empower

written by Paige Dobmeier, HoC client advocate The other day, a man came into our office and was looking for some direction. He left, instead, with a connection. Coming from a local shelter, he wanted to know what his next step should be to find housing. He shared his recent experiences with staying in shelters […]

Advocacy: At the Capitol and Beyond

On March 13th, House of Charity staff and clients joined thousands of others in advocating for the homeless at the capitol. We met with legislators, attended hearings and connected with others who care as much for those experiencing homelessness as we do. The highlights of the legislative agenda created by the Minnesota Coalition for the […]

We’ll Be Breaking Ground Soon!

Our long-awaited housing project is finally rolling! Construction will begin to build 61 pet-friendly studio apartments for people experiencing long-term homelessness, along with other community spaces to expand and improve our services and the privacy of our clients. As we get closer to breaking ground in the next few months, we’ve started planning an event […]

Jimmie’s Story

We have a special story for you! Several years ago we spoke with Jimmie and we got to talk to him just a few weeks ago! It’s so amazing to have clients come back and share their continued success with us. Read below to see Jimmie’s story as he told to us several years ago […]

Jolene’s Story

Healing Through Creativity: Jolene’s Story The power of art is amazing. The beauty and honesty of the written word, a song, or a painting can speak to someone in a way few other things can. Jolene’s life has been changed by art. When Jolene was younger she spent a lot of time drawing and writing. […]

House of Charity Names Deborah F. Moses CEO/Executive Director

The House of Charity Board of Directors has named experienced nonprofit leader Deborah F. Moses, DPA, MPH, as the new Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the agency whose mission is to feed those in need, house those experiencing homelessness, and empower individuals to achieve independence. Moses will assume the leadership post effective December […]

Overcoming Obstacles: Angelo’s Story

“Is that my grandpa?” Every time his grandson sees a man that looks a little like Angelo, he asks his mom if it’s him. It’s been several years since Angelo and his grandson have seen each other. Those years have been tough. Since struggling with addiction, losing his home and being incarcerated, Angelo has seen […]

How to Help Someone in Recovery

Community is a vital part of recovery. Support, encouragement and accountability can make the difference for someone working on recovery. Here are a few ways you can support someone in recovery from substance abuse or mental illness:Community is a vital part of recovery. Support, encouragement and accountability can make the difference for someone working on […]

Join Us At the Walk to End Hunger!

Every single day of the year, we serve a hot, filling meal to every single person who walks through our Food Centre doors. We are working hard to end hunger and we found a group of people with the same goal! On Thanksgiving morning, we will be joining 13 other organizations and hundreds of walkers […]

How Do We Help End Homelessness?

written by Greg Owen, HoC Board Member I remember one of my first interviews with a homeless man in Minneapolis. He had been on the streets for a long time and his face told the story of the hard life he had lived. He did not smile much, gave one or two word answers to […]

Our Community Garden

It’s amazing how healing a few minutes in the dirt can be. Studies have proven that gardening is good for your health beyond the obvious exercise benefits; it’s good for your brain. Exercise itself can help your mental health, but so can exercising your green thumb. Many mental illness and addiction treatment centers have started […]

The Power of a Button

The power of a purple button. You’re thinking to yourself, how does a purple button have any power? I witnessed first-hand how two purple buttons brought a grown man named Tony, to tears. Tears of joy because his favorite shirt that he’d had for years and was missing two purple buttons, was finally repaired. He […]

A Note from Todd

Todd joined House of Charity as our Chief Program Officer in February. Before that, he worked at Pride Institute for 11 years, the last five of which he served as the Director of Clinical Services. I’ve been asked by many people “Why do you want to work at House of Charity?” The answer is deeply […]

Advocacy: Homeless Day on the Hill 2018

On March 6, a team of 18 people from House of Charity joined over 1000 other individuals at the state Capitol to advocate for affordable housing. Staff, clients (a first for us), and board members met with their legislators to talk about the importance of supporting Minnesota’s housing continuum by emphasizing the importance of funds […]

Community as Part of Recovery

written by Kyle Lipinski, Women’s Counselor and MICD Intern   As fall approaches, I find myself reflecting on the kindness I can expect from strangers as cold season looms nearer. When I have a cold, I can expect offers of cough drops, tissues, and advice. I will receive condolences and well-wishes. My coworkers will encourage […]

A Note from Nicole

Hello House of Charity Community! My name is Nicole. I’m excited to be your Community Engagement Coordinator. In my first few weeks, I’ve been struck by the love and devotion of everyone involved in making House of Charity successful. It is inspiring to work with volunteers and build connections with organizations that envision the same […]

Climbing Out of Darkness: Jacqueline’s Story

Jacqueline is a woman who exudes joy, strength and determination. When you speak with her, her words are covered in kindness and her face is always filled with a smile. But it hasn’t always been that way. Almost ten years ago, Jacqueline’s mother died and her world crumbled. Jacqueline had given up her home and career […]

An Ultimate Goal: Independence

Addicted to drugs and with his life falling apart,  Steve travelled from Chicago to Minneapolis to find a treatment program. A friend suggested and generously gifted Steve with a bus ticket, which began a decade of upward momentum toward independence. Steve recalls that the first thing he saw after getting to Minneapolis was the Metrodome. He climbed out of […]

Pulled Up By the Bootstraps

Work Harder. Try Harder. Do Better. These clichéd stigmas follow those in poverty in American culture. The thought is that poor people just need to pull themselves out of poverty—by their bootstraps, or the loops sewn atop boots to help pull them on. But is pulling yourself up and out of poverty all by yourself […]

Our 2017 Legislative Agenda

The 2017 Legislative Session is well underway. House of Charity supports the legislative agenda for “Homes for All,” “Prosperity for All,” and “Restore the Vote.” Homes for All The “Homes for All” initiative is pushing for two major initiatives: 2017 “Homes for All” Legislative Request “Homes for All” requests an additional $30 million in the […]

What the Food Stamps Program Looks Like Now

,HOC’s free meals at the Food Centre help meet the challenges faced by working families. The above statistics show why people struggle to feed their families on limited incomes, even when the head of household is working hard. For a family of four in Minnesota, the average cost of groceries per month is $900. For families […]

Rebuilding Life with Humor and Wit

Terry’s was a life marked with unthinkable trauma, sadness, and loss. By the time he’d reached his current 84 years, he’d experienced more than most could fathom. From serving his country in the army, to surviving 30 Minnesota winters on the streets, Terry had encountered devastating life experiences, one after another. Each cut like a knife, slicing off […]

A Partner in Transformational Action

Melvin’s story tells of his partnership with House of Charity in his life transformation: “There comes a time when you realize whatever cycle you have been in needs to stop. Stay clean. Go to school. Do whatever you need to do. Find programs like House of Charity.” For over 20 years, Melvin worked as a professional […]

2016 Ask the Expert Videos are out!

Be sure to check out all our “2016 Ask the Expert Series” videos. We have continued the popular series started last year. We found a new voice, Jennifer’s, to tell this story about an exceptionally strong woman and her experience of homelessness, how she got in touch with House of Charity, and how she was […]

Give-to-the-Max Day — Pre-Schedule your gift!

    Give to the Max Day is November 17th! We are inviting you to pre-schedule a gift now, and “avoid the lines” at the GiveMN website. Every dollar donated to House of Charity allows us to Feed, House and Empower our clients/guests. From purchasing food, to delivering case management, to providing a new pillow, our […]

Mental Illness and Homelessness

  Did you know that mental health disorders can reduce life expectancy by 10 to 20 years? That is as much as or even more than smoking over 20 cigarettes a day? The mortality risk for women with postpartum depression was more than seven times higher than that of a heavy smoker. People with substance […]

A Path to Sustainable Recovery

  One of the people connected with House of Charity the longest isn’t an employee, it’s a client! We sat down with Kyle to talk about his personal journey on the path for a sustainable recovery, and also how House of Charity has grown over the years.   Q: When did you first use services […]

Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Services

A great number of people who suffer from long-term homelessness also suffer from mental illness and addiction. In fact, according to the 2015 Wilder Research Study on Homelessness specifically for Hennepin County in Minnesota: 54.6% of people experiencing homelessness have a mental illness, 18.3% have a substance abuse problem, and 15.8% have a dual mental […]

Providing Public Showers

We all know that a regular shower is important for maintaining good hygiene. People experiencing homelessness need regular hygiene, because they are consistently exposed to the elements. Those experiencing homelessness spend much of their time in public places, such as subways, parks, and buses. In these places, they encounter every kind of virus and germ. […]

Featured in PollenMidwest.org

House of Charity is highlighted on the www.pollenmidwest.org website. Pollen “helps people break down barriers to build better connected communities.”  See story and more about Pollen at:  https://www.pollenmidwest.org/opportunities/house-of-charity/ Expanding Hope for the Homeless Sep 6, 2016 Words by Meher Khan   “How would your life change if you got sick? If medical couldn’t cover your bills? […]

Lloyd’s Barbeque Gives $5,000 to Our Food Centre

SPECIAL THANKS to Lloyd’s Barbeque and the Hormel Corporation for their generous gift of $5,000 for our Food Centre! Lloyd’s Barbeque and the Hormel Corporation have been supporting our Food Centre since 2014. Their support will help us feed thousands of people this year. While the economy appears to  be improving the need for our […]

RehabReviews.com reviews House of Charity

The Chemical and Mental Health Treatment program at House of Charity is an excellent gender-specific outpatient treatment option for men and women struggling with substance abuse or a dual diagnosis. Through evidence-based practices facilitated thorough system of phases and sliding scale payment options, treatment at House of Charity is comprehensive, affordable and definitely worth pursuing. Read […]

Rodney’s Story

NEWS FROM THE HEART OF THE CITY Rodney’s Story: Transforming Assumptions Growing up in the small town of Middleton, in rural Ohio, Rodney struggled with addiction for most of his life. “Everywhere I went to try to run away from my drug issues, they just followed me.” Staying clean was an ongoing challenge. During the […]

A Heart for Helping the Homeless

  Having a heart for helping the homeless who are recovering from chemical dependency issues, HOC recognizes the need for and value of teaming up our donors’ compassion, with insightful planning, and the will to make a difference through our outpatient day by day program. It is important to know that with the right programs, people […]

Homelessness Advocacy: A Day on the Hill

Save the date and sign up today! Join House of Charity and participate in Homeless Day on the Hill to raise your political voice in homelessness advocacy. Talk with your legislators about the vital importance that stable affordable housing has on a person’s independence. ‪#‎Homes4All‬   Who: Hundreds of Minnesotans from across the state and YOU What: […]

Affordable Housing Out of Reach at Minimum Wage

In addition to needing to work 68 hours a week, very few one-bedroom apartments are available at a fair market rate of $796 per month. The lack of affordable housing for minimum wage workers contributes to the homelessness crisis. Currently at House of Charity, we have more than 50 men and women on a waiting […]

Holiday meals a success! Thanks!

  House of Charity hosts  holiday meals!     Thanks to our many volunteers who have donated their time, hearts, and funds to make the season a special time and to make our holiday meals possible! Thanks also to Holy Family Maronite Church for giving gifts for kids! At House of Charity, we couldn’t do it […]

2015 Annual Uptown Coffee Festival

On Saturday, November 21st, 2015, the 26th Annual Uptown Coffee Festival will be held at Calhoun Square from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  The Uptown Coffee Festival is hosted by Kitchen Window.  More than 3,000 people come to sample coffee, tea, cocoa, and gourmet food at more than 40 tasting stations. For the past 5 years, Kitchen Window has […]

Give to the Max Day!

Give to the Max Day is the great Minnesota give-together: a day when thousands of Minnesotans raise millions of dollars for local nonprofits.   We have a goal of $10,000 to purchase 10 new bed units for our Transitional Housing Program. The cost for a complete unit is $1,058 and includes a steel bed frame, […]

Create Your Legacy 

Support House of Charity with a gift through your will or estate. House of Charity recently received two bequests from donors who had supported House of Charity with modest annual gifts during their lifetime, but wanted to leave a lasting legacy to House of Charity through their wills. One of the simplest planned gifts is a […]

A Look at Hunger in Our Neighborhood

As one of our generous supporters, you affect the lives of the more than 350 people who visit our Food Centre every day. We depend upon you to serve the hungry in the Minneapolis area. Despite the improved economy, hunger and the need for meals every day has increased. We have served almost 2000 more […]

Hunger Action month: Double your impact!

We have served 2,000 more meals so far this year compared to 2014! Despite the improvements in our economy, House of Charity has witnessed an increased need for our free public meal program at our Food Centre. Sounds like love.” Daisy Rose says about the atmosphere at the Food Centre. Sometimes the meal at the […]

Dine to Donate!

House of Charity has a fun dine-out for a cause at Granite City in St. Louis Park on May 28.   Click the image (below) to print your own copy of the flyer to take to get your donation:

House of Charity is Expanding!

With more permanent supportive housing with case management services to address each person’s barriers to maintaining housing, the more people will be independent and no longer homeless,” said Bert Winkel. When a person is placed into permanent supportive housing it opens up a bed in transitional housing, which opens up a bed at a homeless […]

THANK YOU Volunteers!!

In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, House of Charity is grateful to the wonderful service provided by our amazing volunteers. Thanks to our 2,914 volunteers contributing 5,701 hours of service, we provided 135,383 meals at our Food Centre. Thank you, to our faithful volunteers!!   THANK YOU to our Civic Group Volunteers!! House of Charity […]

Legislative Agenda

Homes for All An investment of $39 million would serve communities across the state: • Reduce chronic homelessness, hence reducing the cost of jails, emergency rooms, shelter, and detox facilities. • Every public dollar invested in supportive housing returns $1.44. • Prevent and end homelessness for an additional 4,836 households and develop or rehabilitate over […]

By the Numbers

House of Charity’s Housing First program is a permanent supportive housing program where our clients move into their own permanent apartments. In 2014 Housing First housed 117 people, and the program has met and surpassed our goals. Goal from our Spring 2014 Newsletter: Our goal is to continue to develop partnerships and register several buildings […]

Edmund’s Story: Life and Lessons

“I got to see and learn a lot during my travels.” From Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and finally to Minnesota; Edmund has been many places and seen many things. Still his vivaciousness for life is infectious. Edmund’s story starts in 1988. My mom passed away when I was 17 years old, and I guess that’s really […]

“For the Love of Peyton” Blanket Party Donations

Hundreds of lovingly hand-tied blankets were made on Saturday, February 7, 2015, during the 10th Annual “For the Love of Peyton” Blanket Party.   House of Charity board members and staff participated in the blanket making event (pictured are Bert Winkel, Executive Director, Lesley Chester, Fund Development and Communications Director, and Linda Brooks (Lesley’s mom).   […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

What is the MLK Day of Service? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” Each year, Americans across the country answer that question by coming together on the King Holiday to serve their neighbors and communities. The MLK Day of Service is […]

Wells Fargo Food Center Volunteer Profile

Several years ago, Kip was introduced to the House of Charity Food Centre through a volunteer opportunity with his employer, Wells Fargo. The experience volunteering at House of Charity, combined with Kip’s long-time passion for giving back to the community, led him to build a team of his colleagues to begin serving on a monthly […]

Double Your Gift!

The House of Charity has received a generous challenge match! Special thanks to The Mosaic Company for offering a 1:1 challenge match on all new and increased donations up to $20,000.   Double your gift today! Click here to donate to House of Charity and match your gift!  

At the Capitol—Spring 2014

In addition to our internal efforts to provide more permanent supportive housing, House of Charity is actively involved in legislative advocacy to address solutions for homelessness. The year 2014 marks the second session of Homes for All, an alliance that works to advance policy initiatives that lead to housing stability in Minnesota. This year, the Prosperity for All alliance was created out […]

Moving Forward with Determination and Gratitude: Jennifer’s Story

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for House of Charity.  My family would have buried me two years ago—I would have frozen to death in my car.” Jennifer had been living in her car for two years before finally asking for help from her primary care physician who referred her to House of Charity. About eight years ago, Jennifer suffered a […]

Uptown Coffee Festival

For over two decades, Kitchen Window’s Uptown Coffee Festival has been an extremely popular event, drawing more than 1,000 Twin Cities residents to the Uptown area each year. House of Charity is pleased to announce that for the third year in a row, we have been named as the charity partner and will receive a […]

Two Minutes With…Michael Bennett, Director of Volunteer & Outreach Services

  Mike has worked at House of Charity for over 10 years. His current title is Outreach and Volunteer Director, but he started as the Food Service Manager. Over the course of a decade, faces and programs have changed, but the need for assistance, sadly, is stronger than ever. “Ultimately, the goal of any agency which provides […]

Helping Others Navigate out of Homelessness: Denise’s Story

Denise found herself homeless in 2006 when she was evicted for not paying the rent—she had used her money for drugs and alcohol, instead.  Over the course of the next six years, Denise struggled.  She lived in friends’ homes, emergency shelters, treatment centers, and sober housing. Unfortunately, she did not maintain her sobriety and was taken to detox […]

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Second Chances: Bethany’s Story

Don’t be afraid to ask for second chances. You may be afraid, but you may be surprised at what you can accomplish.” On September 6th, House of Charity participated in Operation Recovery 2012: Erasing Stigmas, an event held on the campus of Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) and sponsored by their student-led Addiction Counseling […]

Two Minutes With…Board Member, Dustin Chapman

Board Member Dustin Chapman   This November, at their annual meeting, the Board of Directors recognized outgoing Board member Dustin Chapman’s six years of service to House of Charity.  Dustin, who is currently Behavioral Services Liaison with Fairview, was recruited to the Board because of his knowledge and experience in chemical dependency treatment programs.  Dustin […]

Give to the Max Day—11/15/2012

Support House of Charity during the Great Minnesota GIVE Together! November 15th is Give to the Max Day! As you know, House of Charity is making a difference every day by providing food, housing, and a way forward to struggling individuals in the Minneapolis community.  Your generous support is greatly appreciated by the increasing numbers of people […]

Recovery Leads to Reunion: Lon’s Story

  No one has ever helped me like this before.  No one has ever helped me like the people at House of Charity.” House of Charity’s mission statement is: Feed those in need, house those experiencing homelessness, and empower individuals to achieve independence. Staff, volunteers, and donors play an important role in helping us carry […]

Area homeless shelters swamped and worry about what’s ahead

More homeless people — particularly families — are knocking on the doors of emergency shelters in Minneapolis and elsewhere this fall than last. A continuing shortage of affordable housing tied to mortgage foreclosures and the North Minneapolis tornado is squeezing low-income persons onto the streets and into shelters, advocates for the homeless say. The Minneapolis […]