Counselors available to the clients at House of Charity residences for case management.

House of Charity’s professional case management staff have offices on each floor of our residential building—right in the midst of client rooms.

Locating our professional case management staff in-house insures accessibility to clients that in turn insures a flexibility in scheduling appointments and a rapid response to any issues that may arise. Therefore, our clients in the residential programs know that staff will understand their on-going situation and individual needs. Because each client is assigned to a specific case manager, each client is known and understood where they are at. In other words, the case manager is available and accessible to their clients. By maintaining this personal connection of staff to client,  HOC programs point clients to positive outcomes more easily.

According to CMSA, case management services are “provided by healthcare professionals working with people to identify issues and barriers that may prevent them from getting bette
r and uncovering mutually agreed upon solutions to achieve their healthcare goals. Case managers work with individuals and families to understand their illness or injury, what the individual/family needs to do to participate with the clinical team, follow the treatment plan and the path to reaching the best possible outcomes.”

 At House of Charity, our professional case managers assist clients to set and achieve goals relative to health, permanent housing, education, workforce training, and overall self-sufficiency.

Counselors available to the clients at House of Charity residences for case management.

Case management at House of Charity:

  • Reports concerns & advocates for clients
  • Provides consultation support
  • Enforces house rules & assists in maintaining a safe environment
  • Coordinates curriculum of House of Charity services
  • Participates in on-going professional development opportunities
  • Works as a team with each other, with additional housing staff, and with counselors
  • Instills positivity and hope in their clients.

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