Other Ways to Give

Sponsorship Opportunities

House of Charity provides several opportunities for companies and individuals to further our work while receiving recognition for their support.

Currently, this includes sponsorship of food center meals, our newsletter and annual report, and various client outings.

For more information about these opportunities and sponsorship benefits, please contact Paul Verrette, Development Director, at 612-594-2014 or email at p.verrette@houseofcharity.org.

Make an in-kind donation

House of Charity is always in need of the following items for people in our housing and treatment programs:

  • Personal care items – soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, combs and brushes
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Socks and underwear for men and women
  • Bedding – blankets, twin sheets and pillow cases
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Big Books
  • Wallets*
  • Cheater glasses*
  • Belts*
  • Alarm clocks*
  • Umbrellas*
  • Flip flops for showering*

*specifically requested by clients

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Please setup a drop-off time with Noah Chan:
612 436 2050

If you would like to donate food, please read below. There are a few rules we have to follow to make sure we can keep everyone safe:

  1. Commercially canned, boxed or otherwise packaged foods are preferred and encouraged.
  2. Cold food must be maintained at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below.
  3. Food that has already been served (e.g. buffet leftovers) will not be accepted.
  4. We cannot accept food prepared in a home kitchen.

Unfortunately, House of Charity cannot accept the following:
Household furniture and appliances (including TVs)
Medical equipment
Children’s clothing
Computer equipment
Musical instruments

Join our Founder’s Society

Just as Brother de Paul created his legacy by founding House of Charity, you can create yours by including House of Charity in your will to ensure that we continue to feed and house the hungry and homeless in Minneapolis.

The Founder’s Society is an honor society established this year to recognize those who have included House of Charity in their estate plans. We invite you to join.

Members receive several benefits, including a certificate and an insider’s news update each year. The most important benefit is the knowledge that you are part of the group who will strengthen our mission in the years to come.

Please contact Paul Verrette, Development Director, at 612-594-2014 or email p.verrette@houseofcharity.org for more information.

Make a Tribute Gift

A tribute gift creates a lasting remembrance of a loved one and of that person’s special significance to the donor. Honor gifts are often used to recognize or show appreciation for a person or special occasion. The sentiments behind the gift can be as varied as honoring a birthday or anniversary, celebrating someone’s sobriety, or showing appreciation for someone’s support.

To make an honor or memorial gift, please include a note with your donation.

Donate Stock

A gift of appreciated stock is one way to support House of Charity while receiving tax benefits. House of Charity has brokerage accounts set up to make giving easy and convenient. Our development staff will be happy to work with you and your financial advisers to discuss gifts of stock and to assist with stock transfers.

Hold a fundraising event for House of Charity!

Get a group of friends, family, or colleagues from work together and spend time making a difference in the lives of the homeless. Below are a few suggestions to get you started.

Ideas for your fund drive:

  • Garage sale.
  • Collect your loose change at the end of the day for one month.
  • Host a benefit event with proceeds going to House of Charity. This is a perfect opportunity for corporate and community groups looking for a way to get involved. For example, hold a company barbecue and collect free will offerings for House of Charity.
  • Skip one latte a day for a week and donate the funds.
  • For your birthday or anniversary, ask your friends and family to make a donation to House of Charity in your honor.
  • Host a gathering in your home and invite a speaker from House of Charity to come and share our story. Encourage each guest to make a donation. Challenge them to match your gifts.

Donate through Amazon Smile

Thank you to all of you who are shopping through AmazonSmile and supporting the House of Charity!
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