Practical Needs for Personal Hygiene Products

Can you help with a donation of toiletries for our clients?

Medicine cabinet shelves

At this time of year, at House of Charity, we get calls about whether or not we need toiletries for the clients. When we are thinking of the giving of gifts and the giving of thanks, why not help out HOC by donating to resupply our cupboards with the everyday personal and practical hygiene products that we so often take for granted?

The donations could be set up as part of a family, religious, or work-group project, bringing together the givers around an act of practical compassion that makes a difference in the day-to-day lives of real people.

So, what is our current stock of supplies? We could always use more toiletries. We currently have small bottles of shampoo and conditioner (2-3 boxes remaining) and toothbrushes (1 1/2 boxes) to provide to HOC residents and shower guests.

We receive lots of requests from our clients for tooth paste, wash cloths, soap, feminine products (tampons, pads), razors for men, deodorant, and socks.

Email Lesley A. Chester, Fund Development and Communications Director, at House of Charity, or call at 612-594-2003

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