Diarra Tillman is a regular volunteer at our Food Centre.  He is so moved and impressed by his experience that he created this amazing video about House of Charity. When asked why he wanted to make this video, he shares, “I am so proud to be able to do so. In my company, a vision of mine is to reach out to those I see and feel a warm and powerful connection. House of Charity is an amazing organization.  They give and create so much love through a powerful mission and characteristics that are seen and felt through and for the city.”

Diarra Tillman is a young man who lives with Polycystic Kidney Disease. With this disease, there is no cure, only transplant.  He has endured a lot of pain and trauma in his life being abused sexually, physically, mentally emotionally, and so much more. Through so much trauma, Diarra remains an optimist and continuously strives to better himself.  When he was nine years of age, he operated his own bike repair service. He performed all repairs small to large. He collected hundreds of scrapped or broken down bicycles and fixed them up.  Over the years, he developed a high level of  confidence overcoming many obstacles that he attributes to making him the man he is today.  Through a life path that has been so trying, he has had the courage to chase down his dreams and accomplish them.

Currently, he is a life coach operating his own business “Life Coaching by Tillman”.  He helps people, grow, change and create new visions for themselves through his empowering voice, experiences and proper actions he takes in connecting with those that are in need of the services that he offers.

House of Charity is truly grateful to Diarra Tillman for investing his talents in volunteering at our Food Centre and for creating this wonderful video!