Preparing turkeys in HOC kitchen for the holiday meals

Holiday meals a success! Thanks!


House of Charity

hosts  holiday meals!


Thanks to our many volunteers who have donated

their time, hearts, and funds to make the season a special time

and to make our holiday meals possible!

Thanks also to Holy Family Maronite Church for giving gifts for kids!

At House of Charity, we couldn’t do it without you!


Generous sponsors like you allow us to FEED the hungry in Minneapolis, every day of the week, every week of the year, not just on holidays.

House of Charity’s Food Centre provides warm nutritious meals to hungry individuals every day. Over 100,000 meals have already been served so far this year. We strive to feed every person who comes through our doors and with your help we can do that! Whether for holiday meals or daily meals, our nutritious and delicious meals are available, without cost or strings attached.

This holiday season, as you celebrate with family and friends, give the gift of a hot meal to people in need.

Many people in Minneapolis will spend this holiday season cold and hungry but with your help we can make sure that doesn’t happen. Assist us in feeding every person who comes through our door in the coming weeks and more people in the coming year. To donate to House of Charity, click here.

Our work continues all year round and your generosity helps us to continue our mission.

See this news article from the on how to help the homeless this holiday season.

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