Jennifer, from the "2016 Ask the Expert videos

2016 Ask the Expert Videos are out!

Be sure to check out all our “2016 Ask the Expert Series” videos. We have continued the popular series started last year. We found a new voice, Jennifer’s, to tell this story about an exceptionally strong woman and her experience of homelessness, how she got in touch with House of Charity, and how she was helped in her journey to move forward.


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to the “2016 Ask the Expert”

For all of our “Ask the Expert” videos, see our “Ask the Expert Video Series”  or the “Media Corner” pages of our House of Charity website:


In addition to watching the videos of Jennifer answering our “Ask the Expert” questions, you can read more about her story in an article featuring House of Charity, as well as Jennifer and her story, on the website “Midwest Pollen,” which is further discussed here on our website. House of Charity is highlighted on the  article. “Pollen” is a website that “helps people break down barriers to build better connected communities.”

See the story about House of Charity and more about Pollen at: