Hunger Action month: Double your impact!

We have served 2,000 more meals so far this year compared to 2014!

Despite the improvements in our economy, House of Charity has witnessed an increased need for our free public meal program at our Food Centre.

Sounds like love.” Daisy Rose says about the atmosphere at the Food Centre. Sometimes the meal at the Food Centre is her only meal that day. “I’m comfortable with the amount of food and am very thankful.”

Daisy Rose was a nurse for 19 years, but her MS symptoms worsened and she could no longer work. Living on a fixed income, she is a regular at the Food Centre as she often doesn’t have enough to buy food after bills are paid.

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So, lucky for you (and our diners!), Mosaic will now match your donation!

When surveyed in February 2015, 39% of our Food Centre diners stated that the meal they received is likely the only food they will consume that day.  Just like Daisy Rose, that means 136 or more diners, out of our average 350 diners, would have gone without food for the day.

Our Free Public Meal at the Food Centre is funded entirely from donations from people like you! The food expense to feed one person is $0.50. So, for example, $25.00 will feed 50 people.

The Mosaic Company has renewed their challenge match. So every new and increased donation will be matched.

Now, a donation of $25.00 will feed 100 people thanks to you and Mosaic!

Double your impact with our matching gift opportunity,
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