Day by Day Recovery Program

Group therapy

Day By Day is our 120-day outpatient recovery program for women and men 18 years of age and older that offers a total quality of life approach to co-occurring Chemical and Mental Health Treatment.

We offer a safe and sober environment where clients have the ability to build self-esteem, make positive changes, and learn to live productive lives as part of recovery.

Upon program completion, clients may participate on our continuing care program for an additional 60 days.

Chemical and Mental Health Recovery

House of Charity serves single adults in the Twin Cities, many of whom struggle with chemical dependency, mental illness, and homelessness. The 2015 Wilder Research study reported that 57% of Minnesota’s homeless adults have a serious mental illness, 51% have chronic, physical health conditions, 30% show evidence of traumatic brain injury, 21% have been diagnosed with drug/alcohol abuse disorder, and 80% have one or more of the above.

Of Hennepin County’s population of homeless adults, those who have experienced long-term homelessness: 55% have a serious mental illness, 18% have a substance abuse problem, and 16% have a dual mental illness and chemical dependency diagnosis. Having both is a significant barrier to housing.

The program uses an integrated, holistic approach to the treatment of co-occurring disorders. We provide a program that has the ability to restore the mind, body, and spirit through such program components as:
  • Personalized recovery plans

  • Health & wellness programming

  • Psychotherapy

  • Chemical health assessments

  • Mental health evaluations

  • Life skills development

  • Dual disorder case management

  • Individual, group, & family counseling

A central component of receovery, group counseling sessions are facilitated by culturally-competent and culturally-proficient staff. Group work provides support and encourages open and honest dialogue.As part of our co-occurring services, our chemical dependency counselors and mental health professionals utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Health Realization to treat such mental health issues as:

Depression & Anxiety, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Grief & Loss.

124 clients were served in 2017.

For more information and/or to make a referral, contact Kyle, our treatment intake specialist at 612-594-2030.  Please fax Rule 25 Assessments to 612-594-2030.