A Note from Todd

Todd joined House of Charity as our Chief Program Officer in February. Before that, he worked at Pride Institute for 11 years, the last five of which he served as the Director of Clinical Services.

I’ve been asked by many people “Why do you want to work at House of Charity?” The answer is deeply personal, and until now, I haven’t shared this with many people. During the summer of 2017, I received news that my younger sister’s cancer had returned after almost four years of remission. There was nothing else that could be done for her; she
needed to prepare for her death. Throughout her dying process, she demonstrated dignity, courage, integrity, and she never, ever gave up hope that she would beat her cancer. As a person in recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues, she never compromised her recovery even during this overwhelming time. On November 16, 2017, she passed quietly in the early morning with her two sons and our parents at her side.

When she passed, she had eight years of recovery and through her recovery journey, touched many, many lives. My sister’s journey inspired me to evaluate my own life. I knew that I needed to re-establish and renew my sense of meaning and purpose in all
areas of my life, including my vocation. My sister is truly the person that gave me the courage to “take a leap of faith” and leave my job of over 11 years where I was well

“Feed those in need, house those experiencing homelessness and empower individuals to achieve independence.” The HOC mission statement resonated with me and profoundly moved me. It is a mission statement so basic, but filled with hope and the potential for changing lives. When human beings don’t have their basic needs met, life feels hostile, unsafe, and at times, hopeless. Life becomes a matter of survival. And I believe all people deserve not just to survive but to thrive. I knew I had to be a part of something bigger than myself, where I believed my skills and talents would be utilized for the good of

My hopes and goals as a part of House of Charity are to continue to provide
outstanding, person-centered and trauma responsive services to the men and women we serve. House of Charity is an expert in the field and I want to build upon this expertise. I want the world to know who House of Charity is and what we do! This includes
increasing and expanding services, developing housing and finding creative ways to find housing for clients, and reaching more people who can benefit from involvement with House of Charity. Additionally, I want to continue to build collaborative relationships with our community so that we can all work together to affect change and inspire hope on an individual, organizational, community, and societal level. I am thrilled to be a part of the House of Charity family where hope and change is created and lived every day!