Client Poem

Below is a poem written by one of our housing clients. They have dealt with more than their fair share of life’s hardships and still continue to move forward with zeal and purpose. Part of their journey is the safety that House of Charity has provided. We all know that a home and people to stand behind you are the foundation of recovery and independence.

Sometimes I run away from you but something always brings me back.
Back to the deep dark woods, back to your shack.
Where It beat me unconscious, broke my bones and tore my flesh;
But no matter how hard It tried, the child inside me just wouldn’t die.
I crawled up to the surface; the sunlight nearly took my eyes.
Twenty-five years of darkness is what we left behind.
You know there’s no escaping from it, you know just what it can do.
And when I look into the mirror, I look a lot like you.

We wish we could share this individual’s full story because believe us when we tell you that you would be inspired!