Introducing Daryl, Food Centre Director

We are so excited to introduce Daryl to you!
Daryl became our Food Centre Director at the end of last year and his enthusiasm and vision is already making a
Daryl has experienced homelessness and overcome
addiction so he comes from a unique place of being able to connect with our diners.
“I’ve been them; I know what it’s like to be looked down upon and dehumanized so my goal is to put that one great meal in them in a safe place with a friendly smile and a warm conversation so they know someone cares. I make it my business as lunch is being served to just say ‘Hi’, have conversations, sometimes share my story.”
Daryl and his crew have stepped up their game. Cleanliness and quality are at the top of their list, and it shows.
Daryl says that he has seen the numbers of diners growing and has heard of individuals coming from St. Paul just to eat in our Food Centre.
Looking forward, Daryl wants to continue to improve the quality of the food and
comfort of the atmosphere.
“My ultimate goal is to have a House of Charity food truck so we can go out and reach someone who won’t or can’t come in.”