Jolene’s Story

Healing Through Creativity: Jolene’s Story

The power of art is amazing. The beauty and honesty of the written word, a song, or a painting can speak to someone in a way few other things can. Jolene’s life has been changed by art.
When Jolene was younger she spent a lot of time drawing and writing. But, as she got older, those passions fell to the side.
Two years ago, homeless and struggling with addiction, Jolene found House of Charity.
While in our Day by Day treatment program, her life started to change. Jolene’s counselor encouraged her to find new ways to express her feelings and to redirect her thoughts and emotions. Jolene said that when she started writing poems, “Then I think I decided to heal. Emotionally, chemically, and physically.”
Her poems express all her feelings and experiences, including her love for her sons.
Writing and drawing allows her to confront and move past her thoughts and feelings.
Now, she is looking at the future. Jolene graduated from Day by Day in April and is eager to find her own home. She wants to find a place near the library where she can take computer classes to expand and improve her skills.
Jolene’s biggest dream is to be published. Because her House of Charity counselor helped her find a unique way to express herself, she has been able to heal and imagine a life beyond her struggles with homelessness and substance abuse. She can dream again.


Challenge Me

This road is tough.
Patience is a challenge, that’s constant.
Baby steps of clarity…
Experience is wisdom, engaged
Chances are earned…
Opportunities are gained.
Enter you into this colosseum of life…
Shouting crowds continuously dare say
“future’s challenging!”
You’re sober again and back in the game.
Every step taken is a chance made.
Your voice has an equal claim.
Generations yet to come,
I say challenge the future…
Hold your head high and shout!
This road to sobriety…these decisions,
This journey is again mine. I am my choice…
I challenge the future!
The Future does not challenge me!