Food Centre Security: Making Lunch Safer

Our hungry neighbors in Minneapolis walk through our Food Centre doors every day and expect to get out of the dangerous heat or cold and eat their meal in peace. They don’t expect fights. They don’t expect an intoxicated individual creating a dangerous situation. But sometimes that’s what they get.
We’re changing that.
For a large portion of the homeless population, our most regular Food Centre guests, they found themselves without a home because of domestic violence. For every one of our homeless population, they face abuse and violence from people every day.
That should be something they don’t have to worry about with us.
Because of that, we are installing new safety measures in our Food Centre. Security
cameras and a card scanner are being installed. Our diners will be given a personalized scan card to swipe as they enter.
Not only will this allow us to deny entry to individuals who have created a dangerous
environment, but we’ll better be able to track the demographics of the people who eat with us. This will help us as we seek to improve our services and apply for funding.
These changes will also ensure our volunteers are safer.
The safety of every individual who walks through our doors is our priority. While we can not eradicate every instance of violence these vulnerable individuals experience, we can make sure that the moment they walk though our doors they are safe.