A Note from Deb on our Merger

House of Charity and St Stephen’s Human Services are excited to announce their merger in an effort to better serve our community members, who are unhoused and/or hungry, through the strength of a shared commitment and history of high quality, respectful and responsive service.

This move aligns with the core missions of both organizations and will create a comprehensive continuum of care for those we serve, as well as a stronger voice as we advocate for equity and social justice issues at the local and state levels.

Our clients will benefit from the combined expertise and experience of both organizations, including support and outreach to those experiencing long- and short-term homelessness, emergency shelter services, daily hot meals and related food support, treatment for addiction and related health issues, and assistance with permanent housing. Uniting our organizations will result in a greater ability to provide these essential services to those most in need, where they are, around the clock, 365 days a year.

We will continue working to build and foster a culture and philosophy of social equity, diversity, and inclusion for those we serve as well as for our staff, board members, volunteers and donors. Combining our organizations will allow us to provide staff with additional professional growth and advancement opportunities. The merger will also provide opportunities to re-engage long-term donors in new conversations, strengthen our ability to raise funds for capital improvements, reach next generation donors, and diversify our revenue portfolio, all resulting in greater stability for the new organization. We will be stronger together!

It is an honor that the Boards of Directors of both organizations have trusted me with the leadership of the merged programs. The staff at House of Charity and St Stephen’s Human Services consist of an amazing and diverse group of passionate, hard-working, smart individuals who have worked tirelessly with a true commitment to our most vulnerable community members. Through this unprecedented time of economic uncertainty, racial unrest and a deadly pandemic, both programs have not missed one day of service. I am committed to working hard to ensure that staff, and recipients of services, receive the support and resources they need as we continue to weather this ongoing storm.

You can check out the official merger website page here: www.houseofcharity.org/stronger-together