Self-Care and Mindfulness: Favorite practices and tips from our staff

Self-care and mindfulness are vitally important parts of not only recovery but living a healthy life.
Our staff knows that and works to not only have practices to stay healthy themselves but to also equip our clients with the tools they need to be healthy as well.
Below are self-care and mindfulness tips and practices from our House of Charity staff!
I try to make my surroundings as cozy and pleasing to the senses as possible. This includes having items in my spaces that are meaningful, colorful, and calming. I also like to include some of the elements in my area: plants and rocks from the earth, a diffuser to provide calming scents in the air, the sounds of water and nature playing on my Pandora.
Sitting and staring at the sky
Go to a concert and listen to live music; do some dancing. A lot of live music is free! And dancing can always be free.
Mindfulness breathing. Breathing in through the nose for 5 seconds from the diaphragm and then blowing out through the mouth. I set a reminder on my phone to make sure I do this regularly.
Support groups
Five minutes of watching myself breathe slowly is the best thing I do for myself everyday, except sleep. Sleep is the best.
When we are trauma informed, we are able to have healthy boundaries, and do not internalize other’s behavior; hence reducing our stress. Understanding that everyone is doing the best they can, in their specific circumstances reduces judgement, and prevents us from putting our expectations on others.
Listening to music or comedy shows
Mindfull exercise that is focused on the time you are exercising rather than finishing the exercise teaches present awareness just as well as seated meditation in the fanciest meditation center money can buy.

What are your go-to self-care and mindfulness practices for when you are feeling stressed or worn out?