Volunteer Highlight: Clara

A few months ago, we had the chance to chat with Clara, a 7-year-old who is one of the most compassionate and generous people we’ve ever met.
Her birthday party was in February and instead of asking for gifts, she requested that donations for House of Charity be brought. She and her guests also assembled care kits to be handed out to our homeless neighbors.
When asked why she chose to do this, Clara and her mom talked about how this isn’t the first birthday party that has been focused on giving; Clara has always been curious about and compassionate towards the homeless individuals she sees on the street and is always excited to give them one of the kits they keep in their car.
Clara’s birthday party raised $160 and she donated it all to House of Charity.
Her current goal is to meet the Mayor. Her family is building a new house and she wants their old house to become a place to house our homeless neighbors. And Clara wants to talk to Mayor Frey about making that happen.
If this is what our future looks like, we’re in good hands.