Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson has been on our board since 1991 and we are so glad to feature his generous service to House of Charity.
“My first visit to House of Charity was in 1990 through an invitation from Bruce Engelsma(CEO, Kraus-Anderson Companies). It included a tour of the Food Centre and the main housing facility with Bruce and Robin Brooks, the HOC Executive Director at that time.
I remember leaving that day touched by the experience and amazed that a quiet little organization with a handful of dedicated staff and volunteers could provide so much for so many people.”
In the 30 years since Mark became a House of Charity supporter, he has served in our Food Centre innumberable times.
These days, he’s happy to fill in whenever we have a need; often joining Thrivent or donning a red apron when he’s giving a facility tour in his capacity as a board member.
Mark’s goal when he serves is to make sure everyone feels welcome.
It starts with the fact that if an individual walks through our door, we feed them, no questions asked.
But Mark takes it a step further.
He said that often, people will walk in with their eyes on the floor, quiet and trying to take up a little space as possible.
Mark won’t let that stand; he tries to create a moment of warmth and make sure that every diner knows that they’re welcome.
We’re so glad Mark is on our team.