In His Own Words: Wendell’s Story

Below is a story of recovery and success told by one of our clients. After living with us, Wendell found motivation and success. He’s now attending school to earn his masters degree. He volunteers here with us, both in the Food Centre and in our housing building giving haircuts to residents who need them.
This success story happened because of YOU. Your support and advocacy for our clients and their journeys is what makes the life-saving work possible. We’re so glad you’re on Wendell’s team.

It’s been a long journey and House of Charity has really changed my life. The staff really gave me a lot of support and hope when I was a resident.
I come back to volunteer because of the possibility that I could potentially impact one person’s life in a positive way.
In 2010, my substance abuse and mental concerns prevented a great opportunity in the military. In denial, I started a business and failed. I was mentoring kids, volunteering, helping within the community and failed to address my personal issues. I let everyone down and lost my family, new house, new truck and new dog.
In 2017, I made my way here to Minnesota from Puerto Rico. House of Charity gave me a place to stay and a warm meal when my finances were depleted. The U.S. Veterans Affairs services here in Minnesota really helped me put my life somewhat together again. I’ve had bad experiences at different places which makes it difficult to trust healthcare providers.
All in all, Minnesota has been good to me. I’m just trying to give back as much as possible. I hope to inspire others as some great leaders have inspired me.
Currently, I have been accepted into the Hamline School of Business in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Public Administration. My current GPA with the previous university’s MBA program is a 4.0.
In addition, I am working with the Department of Veterans Affairs and St. Cloud Small Business Administration to open up All American Barbers and Massage. Due to my hardships and life experiences, I plan to incorporate corporate social responsibility in my business entity.
To conclude, I thank God for making me a better man today than I was yesterday. I humbly pray that he makes me a better man tomorrow than I am today.

Wendell was hesitant to share his story but the difference that House of Charity made in his life can’t be ignored. You made his success and vision possible.